Hockey Rules and Regulations

Facility Policies

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, and/or smoking/vaping of any sort will not be permitted in change rooms, hallways, spectator areas, parking lot, on or behind player benches. Teams or individuals will be subject to league ejection if Arena Policies are in violation in any way. 


Facility Damage

In the event the facility becomes damaged due to the negligence of one, or more individuals representing an organized team, and can be identified to that team, they will be assessed the expenses, and will be invoiced for the damage. If the individuals fail to repay any incurred debt, the team will be ineligible to play until the invoice has been paid in full. 

League Rules

This league will be using Rules from the (C.A.R.H.A).


The following equipment is mandatory in all games:
  • CSA approved hockey helmet
  • Matching sweaters, including a number
  • CSA approved face mask for all goalies
  • There is no restriction on the width of goalie's pads unless they have been artificially altered to create an unfair advantage.
Failure to wear proper equipment will deny you the right to play.  Referee's decisions are final. 

**Although facial, and dental protection is not mandatory for all players, it is strongly recommended by the league for your safety and wellbeing**

Fighting (Zero Tolerance)

A player named in the referee's report as having incurred a penalty for fighting shall receive an automatic game ejection and shall proceed directly to the dressing room for the duration of the game.  Failure to do so will result in an additional suspension to that named player.  After Changing/showering, players are permitted to proceed to one to the following areas:

  1. Restaurant at Wentworth Sports Complex, Located on the upper level.
  2. Exit the building, and not return for the remainder of the evening.
  3. Remain in the change room.

Any player/s not following these guidelines shall receive additional suspension time;

1st Offence: (3 Game Suspension)

2nd Offence: (5 Game Suspension)

3rd Offence: League Ejection

  • Any Player/s who drop their gloves for the purpose or intent of fighting will receive an automatic game misconduct and a two (2) minute penalty.  This offence will also be reviewed by the referee in chief and VP of Operations to see if further suspensions will occur.
  • Any player/s who "face wash" a player with their gloves will receive a game misconduct and a two (2) minute penalty.
  • Only the team representative or designate has the ability to speak to a referee regarding on ice incidents.  This must be conveyed to the referee prior to the game who the team rep/designate represents.


Any player incurring three (3) or more penalties in one game shall receive an automatic game ejection.  A double minor or six (6) minute penalty is considered to be two (2) penalties.

Teams receiving a minor penalty will not be allowed to change at a stoppage of play.  Teams wasting time to kill a running time penalty will receive an additional delay of game penalty.

Major Penalties

Spearing/Butt Ending/Kicking/Intent to injure etc., will result in a major suspension.  There is a minimum 3 day suspension for all major penalties, and this may be extended to a full ejection from the league.  Anyone being called as a definite instigator may receive a larger suspension after a convenor's special meeting.  Third man is a minimum 3 game suspension.  Verbal abuse of officials, ON or OFF the ice will not be tolerated.  Suspensions will be given for this infraction as the convenor's deem fit.


Any Player that has been ejected from a game must immediately return to his change room and is not permitted in the vicinity of the playing surface (players bench, spectating areas included).  Any suspension must commence being served in the teams next scheduled game(s), and the player should be listed as suspended on all game sheets until the suspension has expired.

In all situations outlined in the rules and regulations, it is the responsibility of the coach and manager to ensure that the player sits out; failure to comply may result in the suspension of the coach and/or manager.  Any suspensions incurred in tournaments or exhibition play must be served in regular season games; further, suspensions incurred during league play before a tournament, other than a single game misconduct, will disallow a player from playing in tournaments other than provincial championships; the balance of any suspension may be allowed to run its course during provincial championships.

Suspended players may not participate in warm-ups and are not permitted in the vicinity of the team bench before or during the game.  The suspension log should be reviewed before and after games to determine any of your players have been suspended.

Game Misconduct

Any players receiving a game misconduct in the first period of the game, will miss the remainder of the game, and is eligible to return for the next scheduled game.  A player receiving a game misconduct in the second period will miss the remainder of the game, plus the next scheduled game.

Ineligible Players

All players will be required to have a W.S.C.H.L sticker on their helmet to participate in league games.  Players will not be allowed to participate until they acquire a sticker from the main office by signing the team roster.  At this time, and this time only a player may participate.  Should a player give the referee a difficult time with this rule, the offending team will receive a (3) minute bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct.


All players, coaches, managers, and other team personnel must be on the team roster submitted to the W.S.C.H.L and is required to be on all the game sheets before taking part in any game.  Team rosters must be handed in to the main office no later than the 1st game of the season to be eligible for post-season play, failure to do so will automatically make your team ineligible for post season play.

All teams which are found guilty of knowingly using an ineligible player may be suspended for the remainder of the year.

If a player is late for a game and their name is included on the player roster prior to the game and is game ready prior to the start of the second period, they will be permitted to play.

When a player has been inadvertently omitted from the game sheet, the referee shall permit the name to be added to the game sheet prior to the start of the second period.

The use of suspended player in a game before the suspension term has been completed will result in further suspension to the player and an additional suspension to the team representative will also be levied and the game or games in which the player participated in will be awarded as wins to the opposing teams; check the suspension log before and after games for suspensions.


During the playoffs (and only the playoffs) a game shall not end in a tie.  In the event of a tie at the conclusion of regulation time, a twenty (20) minute sudden death period will occur 5v5.  If a winner has not yet been decided at the end of the twenty minute period, a twenty (20) minute sudden death period will occur 4v4. If a winner has not yet been decided at the end of the twenty minute 4v4 period, a twenty (20) minute sudden death period will occur 3v3.

Player Eligibility for Playoffs

A player MUST play a minimum of ten (10) regular season games to be eligible for post-season play.  Suspended players are not to include suspended games as games played.

Teams caught playing an ineligible player during a playoff game will not only forfeit that game but will automatically be suspended from further competition.

Goal Crease

This rule is enforced when an offensive player stands within the blue goal crease for a count of three (3) seconds at a standstill.  When this occurs, either referee shall blow their whistle to stop play.  The restart shall take place in the neutral zone outside the attacking blue line.

Goalie Rules

When a goaltender is hit anywhere in the face with a puck the play will be blown dead immediately for the safety of the goaltender.  If by chance the puck ends up in the net the goal will not be awarded.  The restart of the game will be in the defensive zone.

Goalies must play a minimum of three (3) regular season games to be eligible for post season play.  Goalies may be brought up from a lower division to play, but are not permitted to play down.

eg: You can bring a goalie from: C up to B

You cannot bring a goalie from: A down to B

Game Defaults

Any given team must have a goalie and a minimum of six starting skaters in order to start a scheduled game.  Failure to do so within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time will forfeit the game to the opposing team (2-0)

No Shows

In the event that a team defaults a game, the team shall incur a $50.00 fine and a 2-0 win shall be awarded to the other team, unless the team has given a 72 hour written notice to the league.  In the even of two teams defaulting the same game, both teams will be fined $50.00 fines and no points will be awarded.

A second default shall cause an immediate review of the team's franchise and may lead to the suspension.


Any team wishing to reschedule a game will be required to submit a written request of game change two (2) full weeks prior to the scheduled date of change.

Game Times

All Games will be composed of two periods.

1st- 20 minute Running Time

2nd- 25 Minutes running time.

If a game is within 2 goals the last 2 minutes of the second periods will be stop time.  Failure to commence your game on time may result in a two-minute bench penalty, as well as two-minutes being run off the clock; if your team is still not ready within 5 minutes of the games actual starting time, then you may forfeit the game.


Protests must be submitted to the league within 12 hours of the dispute.

Payment of Fines

Any fines incurred must be paid by the team's next game (no invoices will be mailed out), the onus is on you to comply with this registration.  Fines must be paid in cash or certified cheque to the Convenor at the arena.

This handbook, adequately covers all suspensions and fines, managers and coaches are expected to know the penalties, fines and suspensions incurred when an incident occurs.

Time Outs

One (1) time out per period. (Playoffs only).


In the even of a sweater color clash, the home team is responsible for the changing of jerseys or cover ups.  During the playoffs, teams shall alternate the use of cover-ups from game to game.  If a team refuses to wear the cover-ups, the game will be awarded to the other team as a 2-0 win.

Teams must wear matching sweaters; i.e. colors of sweaters must be identical, including goalies.

First Aid

It is always strongly recommended that each team carry an adequate first aid kit and at least two (2) team members have a recognized, first aid certificate.

Player Insurance

All Players Players are now covered through Game Day Insurance / Pearson Dunn.  This is done through the main office with a valid team roster sheet.  All players must be registered prior to their first game of the season.  This is the sole responsibility of the team representative.  Any further questions can be directed to Pat Doyle, League Convenor.


League standings will be posted weekly in the arena and online at



The Executive is committed to operating the best Non-Contact Hockey league possible; if any teams have any suggestions they are welcome to submit suggestions in writing to the league office.