Men's Soccer Leagues

Our Wentworth Indoor Soccer Leagues provide the opportunity to play year round, they're perfect for getting the friends together and for staying fit.

Wentworth Sports Complex is located at 1249 Wilson St E In Hamilton On. And host two artificial turf indoor fields, and a restaurant/bar with a viewing area for the fields. Throughout the year, we host two 12 week indoor session throughout the fall and winter, as well as outdoor leagues during the summer months!  Our seasons include 10 league games as well as additional playoff a games for each of our 8 divisions.

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Winter Men's League

  • Sunday League games occur between 10:15am-9:00pm
  • 12 week season, February - May
  • Team registration $2,000 (incl HST)
  • $25 annual membership
  • Individual registration option available

Other Locations

Soccer World Leagues

If Wentworth is too far for you, we host adult soccer leagues at Soccer World as well! Soccer World Men's Leagues play on Sundays (3:00-11:30pm), Tuesdays (9:30-11:30pm), Wednesdays (7:30-11:30) and Thursdays (7:30-11:30). Check out more details on Soccer World leagues here!