Baseball Clinics

Baseball clinics are designed for novice thru elite players (6-17yrs) where the focus is on enhancing the players game during the off season with special emphasis on proper technique.

Prospects I

6 - 7yrs

Prospects I clinics (6-7yrs) introduce and develop hitting, throwing and fielding skills with correct technique. Focus is placed on solid technical foundations reinforced by proper baseball mechanics.

Prospects II

8 - 9yrs

Prospects II clinics (8-9yrs) build complete game fundamentals with a focus on hitting, throwing and fielding. Progressive drills build power and accuracy with strong technique.

Prospects III

10 - 12yrs

Prospects III clinics (10-12yrs) continue building hitting, throwing and fielding skills with emphasis on proper technique. Drills reinforce correct baseball mechanics for more distance and better accuracy.


8 - 15yrs

Pitching clinics work on proper mechanics to; consistently repeat delivery, avoid injury, increase velocity and improve accuracy. During the pitching clinics players will get an understanding of the strike zone. As players progress, advanced groups will throw different fastballs and off speed pitches. Clinics are limited to 4 players of similar age.

Baseball clinics are offered in fall and winter for children playing outdoors in the summer, and who want to continue playing and improve their game. Off season clinics include pitching clinics as well as Prospects (all position) clinic.