Baseball Clinics

Baseball clinics are designed for novice to elite players (6-15yrs) where the focus is on enhancing the players game during the off season with special emphasis technique and skill development. During the weekly 50-minute clinics, our experienced staff coaches build upon the players foundation skills with carefully constructed drills and games! Our clinics are here to help guide players through their baseball career, increasing the care and difficulty of the training as players age and improve.

Prospects I

6 - 7yrs

Prospects I clinics (6-7yrs) introduce techniques which develop a players hitting, throwing and fielding skills. We focus on building a solid technical foundations, reinforced by proper baseball mechanics.

Prospects II

8 - 9yrs

Prospects II clinics (8-9yrs) continue to home the fundamentals with a focus on hitting, throwing and fielding with a carefully made curriculum. Progressive drills build power, accuracy, and consistency.

Prospects III

10 - 12yrs

Prospects III clinics (10-12yrs) continue building hitting, throwing and fielding skills with emphasis on proper technique. Drills reinforce correct baseball mechanics for more distance and better accuracy.


8 - 15yrs

 Pitching clinics work on consistent delivery, avoiding injury, and increasing velocity and accuracy. Clinics are limited to 4 players per class so coaches can work with players individually and as a group.

With our programs and clinics, we hope to help players grow as athletes, and in the same way, we try to grow ourselves! For that reason our Baseball Programs are now all hosted at Wentworth Sports Complex (1249 Wilson Street East, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K6). With two new turf fields divided into multiple lanes of netted batting cages, a windowed viewing area above the field, and the Puck 'n Pitch Sport Bar and Restaurant, and more to come, we hope you're as excited as we are!

More Baseball!

After training hard in in our clinics, be sure to put your skills to the test in in our Little Leagues, which run throughout the winter, summer and fall. Wentworth offers a variety of baseball programs for players of all ages and skill levels. Our youth programs start as young as two years old, and develop progressively to the age of 6. Our indoor Little Leagues run from ages six to ten. But don't forget about summer baseball, and be sure to check out one of the local baseball associations like the Benbrook Baseball club, and Alexander Park Little League.

Youth Classes


In our Youth Baseball Classes our coaches work to introduce players to the game using specially designed engaging drills and enjoyable games, and re-enforce the fundamental baseball skills players will need for their future Baseball career.

Little League


Little League lets players test their skills, meet new friends, and play the game they love year round!  Our fall and winter indoor leagues play Tuesday (Weds overflow) and Friday, and offer leagues between the ages 6-8 and 8-10.

Summer Leagues

Little League offers a continuation of the outdoor game in the off season. We hope our indoor players show off their new skills in the summer with one of the local baseball clubs; Ancaster Little LeagueAlexander Park Minor SportsBinbrook Minor BaseballDundas Little LeagueEast Mountain BaseballGourley Park Community Baseball, Mahoney Bears BaseballStoney Creek Optimist BaseballWaterdown Minor Baseball and West Mountain Baseball.