Little League

Wentworth Little Leagues keep the Baseball season going year round! Our trained staff coaches have made adjustments to make sure all players get equal play time and stay safe within the facility. Our Leagues run on Tuesdays (overflow Weds) and Fridays for players ages 6-8 (Rally Cap) and 9-10 (Grand Slam). Leagues are located at Wentworth Sports Complex (1249 Wilson Street East, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K6).

Rally Cap

6 - 8yrs

Our Little League Rally Cap is perfect for both new players getting ready for their first outdoor season, or experienced players looking to keep their swing warm through the winter. Rally Cap runs on Tuesdays (with overflow practice time on weds) between 5pm-7:15pm.

Grand Slam

8 - 10yrs

Playing in our Grand Slam league helps players hone their skills through the off season, our coaches work hard to keep it fun, and focus on the skills players need so to up their game. Grand Slam games are scheduled on Fridays between 5:45pm-7:45pm with both practice and game-time.

More Baseball!

If Little league isn't enough training for you, or if you're new to the game and want to learn, be sure to check out our classes and clinics.  Our Baseball programs are designed to offer players a pathway through their athletic development, from rookie to pro.  Starting as young as 2 years old players can learn to love alongside their parents in our Parent involvement classes, then moving up through classes, leagues and clinics as our curriculum guides their skill development.

Youth Classes


In our Youth Baseball Classes our coaches work to introduce players to the Baseball using specially designed drills and games which are fun, and re-enforce the fundamental baseball skills players will need for their future Baseball career.

Skill Clinics


Baseball Skill Clinics are offered at Wentworth throughout the fall and winter. Designed for players looking to up their game, our skilled staff coaches will help players fine tune their skills, with options for Pitching or Prospects (General).

Staff coaches manage the games to ensure fair and equal play

All players come to bat when their team is hitting, and players rotate through 1st, 2nd, 3rd, short stop, outfield and catcher when fielding. Little League baseball coaches pitch foam sponge balls. Rules include no bunts, no leading, no stealing and no sliding. Each session begins with an intensive two week "Spring Training", after which coaches create and balance the teams. Each week we include a short practice followed by a game.

Summer Leagues

Little League offers a continuation of the outdoor game in the off season. It is expected that our indoor players also play in the summer with one of the local baseball clubs; Ancaster Little LeagueAlexander Park Minor SportsBinbrook Minor BaseballDundas Little LeagueEast Mountain BaseballGourley Park Community Baseball, Mahoney Bears BaseballStoney Creek Optimist BaseballWaterdown Minor Baseball and West Mountain Baseball.