at Wentworth

We've built our camp schedule around yours with camps on every Elementary School PA day and Holiday. Including Winter break camp and Easter Monday! Our trained coaches have a huge mix of equipment, experience, and know how to curate a day so there's never a dull moment! We'll play all your favorite sports while also introducing new games and fresh spins on the classics. Our structured camp curriculum is designed to keep your child active, learning, and always having fun!

Athletics - Baseball - Bouncers - Cricket - Dodge ball - Field games - Footy - Frisbee - Handball - Field hockey - Parachutes - Rugby - Soccer - Track & Field - Volleyball

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PA Days (2023/4)

  • Sep 5, Sep 22, Oct 20, Nov 17, Jan 26, March 1, Apr 1, Apr 19, June 7
  • Boys and girls JK through gr. 6
  • Camps run from 9am-3:45pm
  • Drop-off (8:30-9am) & pick-up (3:45-4pm)
  • Bring a lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle
  • Extended care (8am-6pm) available