Soccer 11v11 Game Rules



Revised June 27, 2019


The laws of the game shall be those adopted by FIFA each year.

Each team may register a Maximum of 25 players in 11v11 leagues and a Maximum of 18 players in 7v7 leagues.

A roster sheet must be completed at the W.A.O.S.L. office prior to the teams 6th scheduled game of the season for final verification of player eligibility.

A player shall not play for more than one (1) team in any one (1) competition.

If the W.A.O.S.L. has any doubt as to the qualification of a player, the W.A.O.S.L shall call upon such player or the team to which he/she belongs or for which he/she played, to prove to the satisfaction of the W.A.O.S. L. that he/she is properly qualified to take part in the division and failing such satisfactory proof, the W.A.O.S. L. may disqualify such player and, if necessary, remove such team from any or all of the competition under the League’s jurisdiction.

It is the responsibility of each Team Representitive to carefully check the roster.

The team and player shall be liable for any errors or incorrect statements on the roster .

(I) No player registration will be accepted after the a teams 6th scheduled game of the season.

Transfer of Players
(a) All transfers between teams are to be in a written form and given to the W.A.O.S.L.
(b) No transfers will be accepted after the teams 6th scheduled game of the season of each year.
(c) All transfers are at the W.A.O.S.L. discretion.

Team responsibilities

The home team will be responsible for providing two match balls of regulation size in satisfactory condition to the referee. In all games the first named team according to the official schedule will be considered the home team. Every team must, at the time of application, register the teams playing colors with the W.A.O.S.L. office.

In the case of similarity of colors, the home team must change and the visiting team must wear their registered declared colors.

Goalkeepers must wear a contrasting color to the opposing goal keeper, both teams and the referee. A game sheet must be completed by both teams, all copies handed to the Referee.


Before each match, each team is to allocate a “Team Representative” Please have the Team Representative PrintSign and initial the bottom of each game sheet where stated on game sheet.

Team Representative Responsibilities

*It is the responsibility of the Team Representatives to make sure all players, coaches and bench staff are registered with W.A.O.S.L and have paid all registration and league fees. It is the respnsibility of the Team Representatives to have all players sign their respective game sheet and deliver to the referee prior to start of each game.

Teams may check game sheets accordingly throughout the season should they feel a player is not eligible on the opposing team.

Any player found to have played in any game without signing the game sheet will receive an automatic 1 game suspension.

Team Representative responsibilities to opposing team (Playoffs)

*It is the responsibility of the games “Team Representative” to check any players credentials of the opposing team, if an opposing player arrives after the 1st half is kicked off. i.e. Check Player Booklet if stamped in that calendar year, Initial Game Sheet of late Player name.

Method in which a late players are eligible to play (Playoffs)

If a player has arrived after the start of the game, he/she:

  1. Collects his game sheets that will be left at half field on the touch line during game play.
  2. Sign the game sheet.
  3. The player then takes their Player booklet and their signed game sheet to the opposing teams “Team Representative” and obtains an “initial” beside their name from the “Team Representative”. The Opposing Team Representative is the only person that may initial the game sheet.
  4. Only once the game sheet has been “initialed” by the Opposing Team Representative, next to the player name on the game sheet, the player will become eligible to play.
  5. The player is then responsible for the game sheet to be delivered to half field on the touch line.
  6. Once the 2nd half has started, no players will be allowed to sign the game sheet.

*Team Representatives must make themselves available to initial game sheet during any stoppages of play.

Each player up to a maximum of 25 must be listed together with a maximum of 4 team officials of which all must be registered on team roster registered with W.A.O.S.L. Only persons listed on the game sheet are permitted to sit on the bench or in the designated bench area.

Each players name, number must be written on the game sheet correctly, failure to do so will result in a forfeit and a 3-0 win will be awarded to the opposite team.

(b) Unlimited substitutions will be allowed.

  1. At a goal kick
  2. At half time
  3. At a goal
  4. Due to injury at the referee discretion
  5. Own throw-ins
    Piggy- Back Ruling- if the team that was awarded the throw-in initiates the substitution, the opposing team may also substitute.

Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.

(c) In the event of two or more teams finishing the schedule with an equal number of points, their final standings will be decided by:

  1. Wins


  1. Head to head


  1. Goal average of the overall games played (+ \‑)


  1. Goals For


  1. Goals Against

(a) All games must start at scheduled kick off time. There will be a (15) fifteen minute grace period for any team that cannot field the minimum number of player requirement. Any game that starts after the (15) fifteen minute game period, the halves will be shortened accordingly. Once a team meets the minimum team requirements, the game must start promptly. Referees must see that this rule is enforced and report any breach of the rule on the game sheet.

(b) No game shall start unless both teams can field seven (7) players. Once a game has kicked off, a game shall be abandoned should a team be unable to continue with at least seven players on the field of play.

(c) All games starting at scheduled kick off time will be in there entirety unless unexpected circumstances arise.

(d) Games are considered complete after 70% of the game has been played and the score will stand as recorded.

(e) If the agreed playing time in any game is not completed for any other reason, this must be reported by the referee on the game sheet.

The W.A.O.S.L. shall determine the outcome of the game as follows:

  1. allow the score to stand.
  2. order the game to be replayed.
  3. Have the offending team default the game by a score of 3-0.
  4. Subject the team or teams to other discipline if applicable.


(a) Any team that cannot field the minimum number of players required (forfeit) must give proper notification of 48
hours to the W.A.O.S.L

(b) In the event of a team defaulting. The game shall be awarded to their opponents with a score of 3-0. If the game was defaulted due to mitigating circumstances, the W.A.O.S.L. may order the game rescheduled.

(c) In the event of a team defaulting three games during the season, the defaulting team shall be expelled from the League. There will be no refund of league fees.


(a) If a change of the date, time or field of a game is necessary the W.A.O.S.L. scheduler must, whenever possible, advise the teams involved by telephone at least within 48 hours notice to the clubs concerned.

(b) Games scheduled to take place within a 24 hour period must have the consent of both teams.

(c) Any team wishing to re-scheduled will be subjected to a $25 administration fee for re-booking and/also the cost of field rental set out by the City of Hamilton.

(d) Notification of rained out games will be given once the W.A.O.S.L. receives notification from the City ofHamilton and all re-scheduled games due to weather conditions will be scheduled at the discretion of the W.A.O.S.L.


All appeals against decisions made by this League shall be mailed to the W.A.O.S.L. in accordance with the FIFA policies and procedures. In the event a team plays an illegible p layer or players the game shall automatically be awarded to the opponent if the case is proven, and the team shall show cause before the W.A.O.S.L., why further
action should not be taken.

(a) All protests shall be delivered to the referee prior to the start of the game.

(b) The referee shall require the responsible club to correct the cause of the objection if this is possible without unduly delaying progress of the game.

(c) Objection to ground, goal posts, ball or colors DO NOT CONSTITUTE GROUNDS FOR A PROTEST. Objections of this nature, however, should be given in writing to the referee by half time. The referee must report objections to the League, which will take any necessary action to prevent repetition.


Players, club and team officials reported for misconduct shall be dealt with by the W.A.O.S.L. discipline rules except as otherwise stipulated.

In all cases of alleged physical assault on a game official by a player or club or team official, he shall be suspended and ejected from further league play; Players, officials, and spectators are allowed to take part in, or attend, matches on condition that they observe the Constitution of the League.

(d) Every club is responsible to the league for the action of its players, officials and spectators, and is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting officials and players.

(e) No referee, linesman, player, or official of clubs or teams shall bet on any soccer match under the jurisdiction of the Association

(g) Players, and club or team officials suspended by the W.A.O.S.L., shall not take part in any soccer activity until the completion of their suspension(s).

(h) A player ordered off the field will be dealt with accordingly by review system as per W.A.O.S.L. discipline

(i) Any player that is ejected from play (Red Card) is to pay $50.00 fine to the W.A.O.S.L. Any player that is ejected from play (2nd Cautionable offence) is to pay $25.00 fine to the W.A.O.S.L.

Payment is in form of a cheque, or Cash and is to be delivered to 1249 Wilson St. East Ancaster, no later than Tuesday of the following week unless a certain time is agreed upon by the W.A.O.S.L. Failure to pay the fine on time will result in an added suspension to the player until all fines have been collected. (Men’s League Only)

*All monies collected in fines by the W.A.O.S.L. will, at the end of the season, be given to a charity of choice from the 3rd party representative voted in at the Annual Meeting.

In discipline cases, when a team disputes the identification of a player sent off; the onus is on the team to prove the correct identity of the actual player dismissed from the game. In discipline cases, when a team disputes the identification of a team official; the onus is on the team to prove the correct identity of the team official who is dismissed from the game.

Any person/team found guilty of any offence must be sentenced in accordance with the W.A.O.S.L. rules. The W.A.O.S.L. will not tolerate any team or players consistently playing in a violent manner. Violence towards a game official will result in ejection from further competition in the W.A.O.S.L.


(a) Referees must notify the office of the league by telephone, (905) 525-6233 the result after the game has been played and must complete and forward the team sheets to the office immediately after the end of the game has finished

(b) It is the responsibility of the game official, with regards to player eligibility: (Playoffs)

  • collect game sheets from both teams before start of the game.
  • notify both teams to approach touch line to have player books and field attire inspected
  • inspect each player book making sure all players have books stamped 2015 and that photo in the booklet resembles the identified player.
  • at half time, recheck # of players. If necessary check books accordingly. Noting on the game sheet when the player became involved in the game ie. Player arrived after the start of 1st half.


The W.A.O.S.L. shall support and maintain the principles of the Laws of the Game as established by the International Football association Board and recognized by F.I.F.A .


(a) The League may make such miscellaneous Rules and Regulations as may be deemed necessary to promote, develop and govern the game.

(b) The League may impose such other regulatory measures as it deems necessary for the efficient administration of the playing structure of the game within its jurisdiction.

(c) No such regulation may violate the individual’s rights or freedom except as may be required to protect the rights and freedom of any other individual and to ensure the stability of the basic structure of the game.


(a) All referees shall be appointed by the W.A.O.S.L.

(b) The W.A.O.S.L. shall have the power to deal with any team, player or member of any team in an official capacity whose conduct may be deemed objectionable. The W.A.O.S.L. may, through any of their members or otherwise, take notice of any team, player or member of a team whose conduct may be deemed prejudicial to the welfare of the game, and deal with the matter in such manner as the W.A.O.S.L. may think fit.

(c) All monies collected in fines by the league will, at the end of the season, be given to a charity of choice from the 3rd party representative voted in at the Annual Meeting.

(d) The W.A.O.S.L. does not permit slide tackling.

(e) Mercy Rule: In any one game played in the W.A.O.S.L. a mercy rule will be in effect. If a team exceeds a +/- difference of more than seven (7) goals at the end of regulation time, the team will only be credited in the amount of a 7 goal difference. The same rule applies for Over 30 Friday Ladies, except the goal difference will be set at five (5) goals.

Consumption of alcohol in non-designated areas is prohibited, violation may result in team fine, and\or team suspension.