Summer Camps

Nature Camp

Nature Camp allows campers to experience the outdoors while staying in the city. We encourage curiosity, exploration, and excitement. Our camp is based on hands-on nature themed activities and games. We also have a massive turf fields for those rainy days.

Wentworth Camp

Wentworth Camp is packed with a variety of sports. This camp is perfect for those kids who have energy to spare. Our camp days are built to keep kids active, learning about new sports, and having fun! Some sports include, soccer, baseball, Olympic sports, and water games.

Summer camps at Wentworth Sports Complex are a great place for kids with high energy. Our summer camps allow children the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while staying close to home. With greenery surrounding the area there is space to run around, play sports, and explore nature in a safe environment.

Kids love Nature Camp because of the exploration, hands-on experiences, and the variety of activities and games. Campers will have fun roasting marshmallows, exploring nature, tie-dying and so much more!

Wentworth Sports Camp is the perfect place for high energy kids who love sports. This camp is created to keep campers having fun, playing sports they love, or learning sports they have never played before. At our camp we play classic games like soccer, flag football, and basketball. We also play footy, handball, and cricket. The options are endless at Wentworth Sports Camp.

Nature Camp

More Camps

Skills Camp


Skills Camps are perfect for kids who love soccer, baseball, or football. Our sports specific day camps are created to level up your skills all in the fun of camp!

On Target Soccer Camp

Field of Dreams Baseball Camp

Extra Yard Football Camp

Soccer World Camp

Soccer World is a jam packed day of sports. Kids love our camp because we keep the classic games fresh and introduce them to new games. Soccer World camp is a great place for kids who love to play sports.

Creative Camp

Creative Camp has found a new home at Soccer World. This camp is for ages 4-6yrs who love to let their imagination run wild. We have arts & crafts, dance, drama, creative free play and more! This Camp is perfect for kids who love to let their creativity fly.